Applied Research Journal an efficient new way of publishing special issues on a given subject or theme, on measurement campaigns, etc. The individual papers are peer-reviewed & published as soon as available in regular issues, but then labelled as part of the special issue and linked electronically. The special issue can comprise any number of journals, the special issue editors can be the same or different in different journals, the manuscript processing follows the standard special issue pathway of the journal where the manuscript is submitted, all published papers are co/listed on a joint special issue webpage (in addition to the regular chronological volume of each journal).

The specific advantages are:

  • ¬†Publication date is not limited by the latest paper/slowest peer-review process: every individual contribution to the special issue is published as soon as available.
  • ¬†Efficient interactive discussion of the common theme on the ARJ website.
  • ¬†All contributions efficiently linked and coherently presented on dedicated special issue webpages easily accessible from the ARJ Online Libraries.
  • Guest editors can define the order of the published papers on the ARJ webpage.
  • Either a non-peer reviewed editorial preface or a peer-reviewed scientific paper can be used to introduce a Special Issue.

Please contact the for Special Issue and an official offer.