As Applied Research Journal is an open access journal and we should cover all raising costs by article processing charges. However we never postpone publishing articles due to monetary issues. Publishing in Applied Research Journal requires article processing charges that will be billed to the corresponding author upon acceptance of the article for publication. If this paper is accepted for publication, you will be asked to pay an Article Publication Fee to cover publications costs. Upon receipt of your completed form we will send you the invoice by E-mail. Payment can be made by bank transfer and should be done immediately to speed up the production and publication processes.

Authors living in developing countries:

We encourage our authors to publish their papers with us and don’t wish the cost of publication processing fees to be an insurmountable barrier especially to authors from the low and lower middle income countries. A range of discounts or waivers are offered to authors who are unable to pay our publication processing fees. We use the World Bank Country Classification table to identify:

Authors living in Iran:

  • Iranian Authors due to life region and at the discretion of editorial board may apply to receive up to a 25-100% waiver of the standard publication processing fee.